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In the monograph reviewed the background and current status of surgical treatment of primary tumors of long tubular bones. Highlights the methodological principles of order preservative with interosseous osteosynthesis with this category of patients. Provides the schema operations depending on the localization of tumors in the bones and Nosological forms. Detailed record of patients and the clinical course of post-operative period. In a separate chapter describes application interosseous osteosynthesis in treatment of complications tumor after orthopaedic operations. Treatment results evaluated on cancer criteria and anatomical-functional rehabilitation. Known errors and complications, given their critical analysis.

In this monograph, based on an analysis of a single clinical material developed differentiated indications for preserved -recovery when the primary tumors of long tubular bones using the Ilizarov apparatus based on Mono-and poliklonal osteosynthesis.

Is the world's first monograph, which on a big story made a detailed study of the effectiveness of the application of interosseous osteosynthesis with preserved -recovery treatment of patients with primary bone tumors. Analysis of the results was differentiated, taking into account the common principles and criteria for cancer-anatomical-functional rehabilitation, that allows you to objectively provide effectiveness of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation activities in this category of patients. Many schemes have been applied methods, illustration of clinical material in the book allow you to orthopaedists, oncologist choose the option treat the patient and improve the quality of life.

For oncologists, orthopaedists, traumatologists, surgeons.
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